Thursday, July 31, 2008

First post

Hello everyone! I decided. after reading so many fun blogs, that I should make one for our family, so that everyone knows what's going on with us (since there aren't as many long phone calls these days!)....

Halle just turned 2 years old in June, and is already acting like a true "toddler" :) (temper tantrums included). But she is SUCH an angel and is SO sweet to her new baby brother, Cason. We love her dearly!!

Cason turned 5 months old June 8, and is (as his pediatrician said today) a "tank"! He definitely will be taking care of his "little" sister :) He is such a happy guy and is SO laid back! and he LOVES to squeal! He brings so much joy to our lives!

This is the story of our lives day to day--the chaos, the joy, the funny stories, the not-so-funny ones :) We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do living it!