Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Nonny and Poppy's and Grandmommy and Granddaddy's

Christmas was very busy for our family this year. but so fun ! we had celebrations at Chad's parents, our house, and my parents'!! it was all so fun, and we all got WAY more than we needed--we are very blessed to have the sweet families that we both have that love our babies (and us) SO much! (and our babies adore them!) :) and it was so much fun to get to be with my brother and his new family! (my kids got to meet their new 2 month old little cousin!) It was a blast! :)
Christmas Day at my parent's house (my sweet mom got that stocking for HOGAN! ) :)
Grandmommy, Uncle Josh and Cason with his new tool bench! He LOVES IT!!

Cason"winking" at our house

Halle leaving out cookies and milk for Santa

Santa came to visit in Edmond (at Nonny and Poppy's)
Halle thought she was SO big playing with all her beautiful cousins :)

Cason and his Great Grandfather (Dandy)
Nonny and Poppy

the kids in their matching PJ's

Aunt Elizabeth and me :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Funny pics

Halle really isn't picking her nose, just looks like it!

Halle trying to get Cason to "wink" (he blinks both eyes--it's hilarious)

enough said--aren't they hilarious ??

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Halle's Christmas program at school

Halle had her Christmas program at her school this week! She did so great, if you don't count that she had a death grip on her teacher's hand the whole time, and when it was time for her to say her name, she tried to run off the stage.....bless her heart, there were lots of WEIRD faces staring up at her--and she wasn't real crazy about all the attention. But she still looked really two, what else matters?? :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Halle's potty ritual

Ok--so now we have the potty thing MOSTLY down (except nights and the occasional nap)....we are even brave enough to go OUT in panties now! :) But Halle is so funny--her new thing is sitting on mommy and daddy's potty....and apparently she has WITNESSED the scenario many times before of her daddy reading a book and highlighting (which he does at certain moments in the day) :) so she went and found the SAME book (on her own) got herself up on the potty and found the SAME highlighter and started "highlighting" and GIGGLING....she was hilarious--now whenever we have to do some SERIOUS potty business, it's always the SAME routine...monkey see, monkey do....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Halle and Cason's weekend with Nonny and Poppy

While my dad and I were in New York visiting my brother and his family, Chad took the kids up to OKC to have see his parents for the weekend (and get some help!!) --They had a ball (as usual) and love getting to visit their Nonny and Poppy!
Halle striking a pose while playing dress up

Halle thought she was such a BIG girl eating between Chad's brother, Rhett, and his girlfriend, Elizabeth :)

Chad's grandparents (Honey and Dandy)

Weekend in New York with Lilly Anna

The weekend of Nov. 7th my dad and I got to fly to NY to finally meet my sweet niece, Lilly Anna!! Oh my gosh--is she not the stinkin' cutest thing ever? I forgot how little they start out! (I don't think Cason was EVER that little :) We had SO much fun, and Josh and Beth are such great little parents--she is a very blessed little girl!!! Can't wait to spoil her rotten!!!

Sweet daddy Josh and his baby girl :)
Her little dolly named Halle :)

Little Snowbunny

Sleeping Beauty
The sweet new family

My "little" brother-- Love you josh!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Halloween this year was a little wild--I had all these plans to dress up Halle and Cason (Halle as a ballerina, and Cason as a Sooner fan). Of course, the best laid plans.....:) Halle JUST started dropping her ONLY nap (YUK!!!) and she was cross eyed tired for most of the evening--and Cason never even got to get dressed up!! He didn't wake up from his last nap until about 6:30 (by then, the trick-or-treaters were in full I was manning the front door, while daddy took Halle trick-or-treating). Of course she had a ball, even if she was half comatose, and Cason had fun sitting on the front porch with me handing out candy!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we went to the same pumpkin patch we have been to in Frisco for 3 years---of course Halle HATES having her pic taken--so we attempt to get a good one--and Cason is the big ham--LOVES the pics :) Halle DID love the bounce house (we couldn't get her out)--We had a great time!! I included pics of the last 3 years of Halle at the same pumpkin patch! :)

Halle October 2006 (4 months old)
Halle October 2007 (1 year 4 months)

Halle and Cason (October 2008)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


On October 21st at 6:49 am my precious niece Lilly Anna was born!!! I am finally an auntie!!! She is SOOO cute and sounds like such a sweet baby :) I LOVE the pics of my sweet "daddy" little brother looking at her like she is the most PERFECT princess that ever lived (isn't that what daddies are SUPPOSED to do??) :) I am SO proud of him and his sweet wife Beth--they have done SO great as new parents---it's quite a challenge, as they have found out, but more rewarding than ANY other job they will ever have:) I am going up to meet her on November the 7th!! I can't wait!! :) I already love that sweet baby SO much! :) )Josh is so hilarious--he says he has "more hair than he does" he he It's still SO weird to think that MY baby brother HAS a baby!! :)