Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We invited my parents and our sweet friends (and neighbors) Colby, Lori, Jamison, and Hudson to go to church and then have brunch with us! It was so fun, and so awesome to be able to celebrate Jesus' Resurrection together! :) Fun day :)

Day at the Arboretum with Grandmommy

We had so much fun at the Arboretum with my mom--the day was a little cold and dreary, but the flowers were BEAUTIFUL! and the kids were (for the most part) cooperative (as you can see, from when they started going "down hill :)")--It was Dallas Blooms time--and the azaleas and tulips were amazing! :)

Halle was just generally grouchy, and Cason was enthralled with a set of triplets getting their pics taken next to us ;)

My sweet little flower :)
Cutie patootie :) always grinning with food in his mouth :)
they loved the petting zoo :)

Cason calls EVERY animal a "dog dog"

Daddy's Big Birthday

Chad's big 3-5 was on March 24th--and of course it was a wild celebration (i.e. FAST) b/w dinner, bath time and bed time--but fun...the kids made handprints in clay for him with their pic for his office--he loved it :) I am SO thankful for the awesome husband and daddy that he is to us, and could never thank God enough for him--and for bringing him into my life!

Day at the park with Lucy Kate and "Aunt" Jen

Halle, Cason and I met Aunt Jen and LK at the park (as we do so many days), but the girls were SO cute this day, I had to take lots of pics--they are so "lovey, lovey" with each other (although I think sometimes LK isn't quite sure what to make of H) :) and Cason LOVES his Aunt Jen (and starts fussing if she doesn't hold him--calls her MOMMY (if you can believe it) :) he he she should be, as much as we are with them ! we love you girls!

My sweet niece, Lilly Anna's, dedication

Our sweet little niece, Lilly Anna, was dedicated in March (I know I am REALLY late in posting) in Ft. Worth at her mommy's former church. It was a really neat day, and even though only Halle and I were able to go (Chad was home sick with a stomach bug, and volunteered to watch Cason while he napped), we were SO honored to share in the day :) Halle LOVES her little cousin, and is always doting on her...afterwards we all went to eat at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican (so good!!) :) Aren't they they cutest little family?

Halle and her "Daddaddy" (Grandaddy)