Friday, October 31, 2008

Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we went to the same pumpkin patch we have been to in Frisco for 3 years---of course Halle HATES having her pic taken--so we attempt to get a good one--and Cason is the big ham--LOVES the pics :) Halle DID love the bounce house (we couldn't get her out)--We had a great time!! I included pics of the last 3 years of Halle at the same pumpkin patch! :)

Halle October 2006 (4 months old)
Halle October 2007 (1 year 4 months)

Halle and Cason (October 2008)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


On October 21st at 6:49 am my precious niece Lilly Anna was born!!! I am finally an auntie!!! She is SOOO cute and sounds like such a sweet baby :) I LOVE the pics of my sweet "daddy" little brother looking at her like she is the most PERFECT princess that ever lived (isn't that what daddies are SUPPOSED to do??) :) I am SO proud of him and his sweet wife Beth--they have done SO great as new parents---it's quite a challenge, as they have found out, but more rewarding than ANY other job they will ever have:) I am going up to meet her on November the 7th!! I can't wait!! :) I already love that sweet baby SO much! :) )Josh is so hilarious--he says he has "more hair than he does" he he It's still SO weird to think that MY baby brother HAS a baby!! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visit with Mimi in Arkansas

Two weekends ago, I was able to fly up to see my grandmother in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, for an overnight trip. I brought Cason with me, so that she could get to see him again too. Chad stayed home with Halle. My grandmother has been very sick and in different hospitals for the last 5 weeks, and she was finally able to go home the day we got there! She was so happy and we were SOOO glad to get to spend some time with her--I have a million great memories of my childhood with her, and I miss not getting to see her much--and I am so glad that Cason got to officially meet his "Mimi" !!!!! LOVE YOU MIMS! :)
Sweet Mimi in the hospital (the day she came home) (she looks too pretty to be sick, huh?)
FINALLY HOME!! (after 5 weeks in hospitals)

Mimi and her "GB" ("Golden Boy") as she calls him (she has always called me "GG" --Golden Girl, b/c of the color of my hair)

My mom, Cason and me with Mimi the day we flew home

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halle's "Arabesques'"

My child is obsessed with doing arabesques (the ballet dance move where you lift up your back foot and bend over forward)....she was supposed to have been doing it in her little dance class last spring....but never wanted to...well, now she does them ALL the time (and "back bends")--- we start our dance class again on Friday, so her teacher should be SO impressed with her skills she has acquired :)

TX/OU Weekend

Chad's mom and dad (Nonny and Poppy) and his brother Rhett and his girlfriend Elizabeth came down this weekend for the game...we had SOO much fun with them!! We all had our Sooner gear on...and were cheering loud!!!(even if the Sooners lost....:( boo) here are a few pics--more to follow when I get them from Nonny :)

Our sweet Sooner family!!!
Us with Chad's brother Rhett and his girlfriend Elizabeth!

My honey!

My sweet babes :)

The bros! (aren't they both SOhandsome ??) good genes :)

Another set of good genes (if I do say so myself)

My baby and his daddy

Uncle Rhett and Halle

Sooner Siblings

Sweet cheerleader Halle

Halle LOVES "aunt" Elizabeth!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wiggles Day/Potty Training/Random Pics

OK--forgive me ahead of time for the millions of pictures to follow--but I have not been able to post for about a month--and a lot happens in a month!! :) Our whole family has been sick (of course I got it the worst---:( and there has been so much going on!!) I promise not to wait so long ever again!!!!

Halle going to school (she LOVES it now!)
My big sweet boy Cason--weighing in at 22 lbs now!!

This was the first time the kids had seen my mom in about a month (which is long for them)--they were ALL over her before she could even get into the house! (of course Halle loves going through Grandmommy's purse)

Mom's birthday celebration at our house with my dad

Halle's first day of potty training was about 2 weeks ago (notice the "big girl panties" being modeled below)--After many frustrating (for mommy) days of 10 pairs of panties all day, and spending about 1/2 of each day just "sitting" for 20 minutes at a time, and flushing 100 times (oh, yeah and using about 1/2 a roll of TP a day--for no reason) :) she has finally (mostly) gotten the hang of it---we make it to the potty about 90% of the time! Now just working on naps and nighttime! She has done so great!! (and loves her "marshmallow" prizes for doing well!!)

Big girl panties :)

A few weekends ago, we all went to the Wiggles' Playcenter with our friends from across the street! Their little girl, Jamison, is 3, and Halle thinks she is such a big girl to play with her! They had a ball!! and the little brothers LOVED watching all the action (as did the moms and dads!)

Chad, Cason, Hudson and Colby discuss the fine art of "Wiggle Dancing"

Halle watching Dorothy the Dinosaur at a birthday party

Halle with her favorite--Captain Feathersword

My two little Twinkies :)

This looks like a fun thing to do, but notice the serious look on Halle's face (she wasn't so sure it was so fun--) which erupted moments later into tears and "get me off!!"

Halle and her big girl friend Jamison

Halle going down the BIG slide! wow!! (but won't ride the mechanical horse??) go figure...

Lots of random pictures from the last few weeks!
Cason and Halle love watching mommy and daddy kill flies--so we got them their own fly swatter--Cason especially likes to swing it around :) (it's never touched a real fly!) :)
Halle and her best friend Lucy Kate :)

Chad took this of them himself--hilarious--they look like 2 troublemakers, don't they??

The kids new fun thing to do together is take a bath--they have a ball :)
Halle "washes" Cason for me :)

They love each other so much :) I am so blessed :)

This was me at 14 months--who do I look like?? send your comments ;)

This is Chad at 7 1/2 months (Cason's EXACT age)--don't you think they look alike (eyes)??

Halle wearing her "babushka" as we call it (it's a toy bucket turned upside down)-notice how it's TOO big for her little head?? see below :)

Cason wearing the SAME babushka (almost too SMALL for his sweet big head) :) cracks me up
I think he looks like a chef!