Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is a typical day (and why BOYS ARE SOOO MUCH BUSIER THAN GIRLS!)

First of all, here is sweet little demure Halle :) with her look alike FAVORITE ballerina doll (whose arm we can't seem to get to stay attached to her body) :)

ANd then THIS is how I find Cason entertaining himself (on a regular basis)--Climbing into and ONTO EVERYTHING!! and cracking himself up the whole time
Below is a video I took of Cason "winking" (or so he thinks)--he cracks us up EVERY time he does this, b/c he looks like a little old man (what he does with his mouth--or a bucky beaver, not sure which) -and will do it on command :)

The video below showcases his latest "feat"--won't be long now, huh?? And I actually dreamed of these days?? he he I just THOUGHT I couldn't keep up w/him before ;)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Visit to the Dallas World Aquarium

Today we went to the Dallas World Aquarium--the kids thought it was pretty fun (for about an hour) and then we were pretty much done--but all in all--they really enjoyed it! Halle LOVED the monkeys, and the penguins! and Cason liked watching the sharks swim over his head in the tunnel :) it's so fun for them to be getting older and enjoying things like this :)

Two funny things this week :)

The two hilarious things for this week were this: Cason has learned to ride Halle's 4 wheeler around EVERYWHERE and LOVES it! Can totally do it BY himself :) he thinks he is so funny when he does it, and cries when you take him off :) is he really only 11 months old?? wow!
and ALSO cason's FIRST time for fingerpainting (I got stircrazy with the cold weather, and decided to have an "inside" art project--it was so cute--Halle was the old pro (of course) and I did each of their hand and foot prints (and together) for framing in our playroom :) they had a ball :)

Cason getting a "lesson" from his bis sis

Look at that determined look

Other Random December Pics (I know, Late ;)

Believe it or not, this is the BEST pic of the cousins that we got :) took a while :)
This was the first attempt--Grandmommy regretted the sweet idea of putting Lilly Anna next to Cason (who has NO idea what a "baby" is :) Halle looks like SUCH the disapproving big sis :)

Halle "helping" to give her little cousin Lilly Anna a bath at our house --girls night (except cason, of course) :)

Halle helping to change LA's diaper :)=she was SO sweet to her

sweet baby Cas
Little HEW

Love my baby boy

Love my baby girl

Halle LOVES her new rainboots--she wears them ALL the time :)obviously :)
Grandaddy reading a story to the kids :)