Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Both kids were technically still sick on Halloween, but they felt good enough to stand on the front porch with us while we handed out candy--and walked up and down the sidewalk a few times looking at all the other costumes...They were so excited this year-oh well--they looked pretty cute anyway :) we did have a great time at the Halloween party at our friend Stacey's house with all the girls and their babes :) They are such good friends and my life is definitely blessed because of them! GO GNO!

Meredith, Me, Cason, Tracey, Hannah, Jen, and baby Caroline

All the kids at the party (hard to see...)
Our front porch--notice the emoticon pumpkin compliments of Chad :) (turned sideways)

Cason and Halle decorating cookies at the party

Off on their short jaunt down the street :)
This is the usual pose--Halle strangle hugging and Cason trying to get away :)

My crazy husband in his wig with the kids (actually it was MY wig :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


OK--First forgive me for the LONG lapse in posting--Halle turned 3 in June, we sold our house and moved to Frisco (august 1), had had several holidays and big events. There's so much to say, so I just put a lot of pictures hoping to document it all easier--sorry for the amount--I promise to keep up better now that we are a little more settled! Our lives are busy--Halle is in school and speech each twice a week, Cason goes to My Gym (loves it!), and somewhere in there chad and I manage to go out to dinner every once in a while, and we have lots of fun playdates with our friend (the kids and I) :) Whew--I get tired just reading that ;) he he--
Sorry also for the order--I got out of order, and forgot how to move them around--it's been so long--not very chronological--hopefully the captions will help!

Chad and his cutie brother, Rhett
Nonny and Poppy visiting for TX/OU

Grandmommy with all her grands
Halle and Cason with their cousins and Grandmommy at Aunt Melanie and Uncle Clay's in Little RockMy cousins Jenny and Melanie and my aunt Michele
Halle and her cousins Katherine and Hope (the PINK girls!)Cason tearing up my chocolate birthday cake :)

Grandmommy and Cason at my birthday lunch

Sweet niece Lilly Anna and my brother Josh
The mural my mom had done at her house for Grandmommy's Garden (the playroom/sleep room for the kids)--it's SO special! even Hogan made it on there!

Halle and Cason LOVE watching their daddy mow the lawn with the windows open :)

This was our house a few days after we moved in--DISASTER!! Thank you to Chad's mom (and mine) for the BIG help in making sense of it all :)
Grandmommy, me and Halle at the Dora show-she had a blast!

Halle got to be a flower girl in Chad's friend, Scott's (and his wife Allie's) wedding in June..she was so cute--she thought she was a ballerina :)

her favorite outfit of all--a TUTU!!
The way our old house looked for about 3 weeks straight--the kids loved playing on the boxes :)

Halle and Chad going swimming :)

My two babies--they FINALLY love each other (more than they fight!) and WEIGH THE SAME! (hysterical :)
cute little island girl in her swimsuit

Cason was helping Chad "fix" the dishwasher at our old house (pardon the pink pullups that are Halle's--I was out of diapers :) They were so cute!!
playing on boxes again

Father's Day at our old house with all the grandparents and Uncle Rhett and Aunt Elizabeth

Cason with his daddy's Boomer Sooner hat (from when he was little) doing his "winky winky"

Chad and my 6th anniversary!! He is still SOO stinking hot! :)
Halle's Ballerina Birthday party--all the little girls came and dressed up in tutu's and other costumes while Halle's dance teacher came and taught them some moves ;) they had a ball! :)
Me, my brother Josh, niece Lilly Anna, Sister in law Beth, and Halle at her birthday! It was so sweet of them to come down from NY (where they live) for her birthday!!! WE love you guys!!
Aunt Jen, Lucy Kate, Will and Lauren, and Halle at the party

Me and my baby girl! with eyeshadow on! :) She has on a "birthday princess" tutu dress :) he he
Halle's Ballerina cake--she LOVED it and it was SO yummy!!

Daddy, Halle and Cason at the park in OKC while visiting Nonny and Poppy (in 10/09)

Halle and Cason in their Boomer Sooner gear (from Nonny and Poppy)

(couldn't turn it!) Chad and Cason with his OU football :) he loves to watch football with daddy ;)

Poppy reading to Cason and Halle
My babes
My favorite pic of Cason in his cute farmer overalls :) he looks like he was posing :)
Halle doing her "arabesque" on her birthday
Nonny and Halle at the wedding in June

Cason in his hat again
Me and the kids after dinner at Mi Cocina one night this summer
A VERY old pic of our new house (the sod wasn't even laid yet!) I promise to put new ones up soon :)
Me and my sweet little bro

The fam at the farm party in Oklahoma--we all dressed "country"--Cason had on his farmer overalls, but they were in the dryer at this point b/c he had spilled tea all over them :)

Our buddy Lucy Kate and the kids at the park Another fam pic on game day

Uncle Rhett and Aunt Elizabeth (who REALLY is going to be their aunt as of 5/1/10!!)

Halle and her friends (we miss you!) Jamison and Hudson having slurpees after school

Swimming in Grandmommy and Granddaddy's pool
My dad with us at my birthday family celebration at our house

Aunt Beth and Lilly Anna when they came to visit last month! we miss you guys! Halle was SUCH the big cousin to LA :)

The Arboretum visit with Grandmommy :) we had SO Much fun!

Grandmommy and the kids and me

The farm party on the "tractor"

Our NY family :)

Rhett and Liz
My honey :)

Chad's mom, Brenda, Liz and me

Cason having his first Smores with dad :) He LOVED them!

Poppy and the kids