Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Both kids were technically still sick on Halloween, but they felt good enough to stand on the front porch with us while we handed out candy--and walked up and down the sidewalk a few times looking at all the other costumes...They were so excited this year-oh well--they looked pretty cute anyway :) we did have a great time at the Halloween party at our friend Stacey's house with all the girls and their babes :) They are such good friends and my life is definitely blessed because of them! GO GNO!

Meredith, Me, Cason, Tracey, Hannah, Jen, and baby Caroline

All the kids at the party (hard to see...)
Our front porch--notice the emoticon pumpkin compliments of Chad :) (turned sideways)

Cason and Halle decorating cookies at the party

Off on their short jaunt down the street :)
This is the usual pose--Halle strangle hugging and Cason trying to get away :)

My crazy husband in his wig with the kids (actually it was MY wig :)

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